When it comes to hemp production and usage of its products, there is still a debate going on between researchers, experts, and users. In the past, hemp agriculture as well as its production had been prohibited and it was just recently that it began to be recognized as legal after the amendment in the law restricting its production and use.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has granted several numbers of permits that allow nine states in the United States to grow hemp. This paves the way for the legitimate and certified companies that produce and sell high CBD hemp seeds in the market.

Hemp extracts are different from what Cannabis (marijuana) produces, as it contains lesser THC, the ingredient that makes marijuana addictive.

The following are the things you need to do about hemp plants and extracts:

1.It will not make you high similar with what marijuana does

As mentioned earlier, hemp contains lesser THC compared to marijuana, a chemical that induces the feeling of euphoria. However, as an effect, the user might experience a slight headache. On the other side, it can be used as a strong laxative that cures constipation.

2.Small islands in China might be the first ones that use hemp

It was said that the natives of a small island off the coast of the country were the first group of people who use the plant and its properties. This result was founded when the archeologists found some ancient pottery in a Stone Age Taiwanese village.

Also, in the era before Christ, China has been using hemp for making cloths intended for infants, covers, and for the dead people.

3. Hemp contains nutrients that can be found in breast milk

It was found out that hemp seeds are rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) a fatty acid that can also be found in breast milk. Aside from GLA, hemp seeds are also rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which make it healthier for the body.

4. Property owners in North America were forced to grow hemp plants

King James I required everyone with lands and property to grow hemp plants by the way of Royal Decree in 1619.

Run by the Virginia Company, the Jamestown Colony was considered to England’s first permanent settlement in North America.

In the later years, the same decrees were issued in Massachusetts and Connecticut, forcing landowners to plant a hemp plant for export.

5.You can use hemp for making ice cream and other ingredients

Hemp plants are not just grown for their oil, as their parts can be used for different purposes. According to the North American Industrial Hemp Council, the hemp plants and their parts can be used to make 25,000 products from lubricants, straw, rope, bird seeds, and even ice cream.

6.It can be used to store energy

It was featured in the BBC that a team of scientists at the University of Alberta, Cannada, was able to make a supercapacitor our of leftover hemp. It is an energy storage device that delivers energy faster than batteries, although because it is new, it just capable of storing less energy compared to batteries.